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Zero Commissions

Ready to start earning money from your cooking?

Welcome to Phoodee Chef Community

We usually take a small percentage of your revenue to contribute to improving and sustaining Phoodee’s App -- we call this commission. As we collect a small commission fee, we do our part to make Phoodee a better app for you, our chefs, as well as the foodies, your customers. We believe that with better Phoodee App, we can bring you more customers, too!

As a warm welcome from our Phoodee Chef Community, you are entitled to 1-month of zero commission. That means, for all sales you make on Phoodee within the 1-month period, we will not take any commissions from you -- you get all your revenue!

How to Qualify

Simply get your foods/beverages/snacks listed and start selling on Phoodee. That’s it!


If you have not, book a session with our photographer and get your foods/beverages/snacks professionally photographed (booking link in your welcome email!). Then, you can use these photos to list your menu on Phoodee and start taking orders from foodies. It is free!

Validity Period

The 1-month period starts when your first food/beverage/snack has successfully been listed on Phoodee for sale. That being said, you need to add your first food/beverage/snack listing and get it approved by our admin before it goes live and appears on Phoodee app.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. This welcome promotion is only applicable to new chefs in the Phoodee Chef Community, and only applicable once.

  2. The 1-month of zero commission period is a 30-day period that starts from the day the food/beverage/snack gets approved and listed on Phoodee.

  3. All transactions occurring within the 1-month period will be charged zero commission, regardless of the actual date set for the food collection.

    For example: Chef Anna’s first pasta went live on 1 May 2021. Chef Anna enjoyed a 1-month of zero commission for transactions occurring from 1 May to 30 May 2021. On 30 May 2021, Chef Anna received a pasta pre-order to be collected on 2 Jun 2021. That pasta order is still entitled to the zero commission promotion as the transaction occurred on 30 May 2021.

  4. The zero commission applies to both revenue on the order and on the delivery of the order.

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