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Manage Orders on Phoodee

Manage your menu and track your orders and earnings via Phoodee's Chef module.

Setting up your Phoodee Chef Account

Now, let’s get to business! You can start with a few simple steps: be a Phoodee chef, list your menu, take and complete orders, and receive your income! All that can be done in Phoodee Chef Module.

Here's how you can manage your orders on Phoodee

sign up on phoodee.png

1. Sign up on Phoodee

Download Phoodee App and sign up for an account

be a chef phoodee.png

2. Create Chef Account

Go to My Account > Be a Chef to create your Chef Account

add menu on phoodee.png

3. List your Menu

Add your menu on Phoodee and wait until it's approved

(1) manage food.png

4. Set Menu Availability

Set your menu availability and stock. It's now live on Phoodee!

(2) manage order.png

5. Take Orders

You'll be notified when you receive an order. Time to impress!

withdraw on phoodee.png

6. Withdraw Earnings

Go to My Account > My Balance & withdraw your earnings.

You'll receive the amount in 7 days.


1. How can I access the Chef module?

When you first downloaded Phoodee, you will land on the Customer module where you can see all the menu being sold by the chefs around you. You can switch to the Chef module anytime via My Account section, and click on Be a Chef. With the same steps, you can get back to the Customer module.

2. What can I sell on Phoodee?

You can sell any of your home cooked dishes, snacks, and beverages. If you like baking, you can also sell your baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, and bread.

3. How can I set my menu availability?

After your menu is approved by Phoodee, you can set your menu availability and quantity via My Listing section. You may choose a specific date for your customers to collect the order from you. Alternatively, you can allow your customers to collect the order a few days after placing the order, e.g. 1-2 days.

4. How often can I withdraw my income?

You can withdraw your income once a week. There is no minimum or maximum withdrawal amount.

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