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How to Sell Home-cooked Food Online with Phoodee

Running a business is not just about promoting the business and getting customers. It's not simple, but with Phoodee, it doesn't have to be difficult either.

More and more people start their own businesses, doing what they like. As seen on social media, many already started to promote their business to their peers and on social media platforms. Some left their current job to pursue it, some do it concurrently. It’s just preference – stability, the time they want to commit to the new business, and so on.

However, running a business doesn’t stop at outreach. There are less flashy aspects that need to be taken care of, such as operations and logistics.


On the operational side, business owners need to consider how people can manage the orders, manage their inventory, and track the payment. Some track it in a notebook, and some track it on an excel sheet. It’s tedious because the tracker needs constant updating. When you receive one order, you reduce your inventory. If the customers haven’t paid, you don’t need to fulfill the order yet.

Following these operational tasks, business owners need to settle the fulfillment of the orders – some customers want to self-collect, some like it delivered.


The logistics side gets more tedious when the customers want it delivered. Courier services for food delivery tend to be more expensive as more care is needed. It's also burdensome to schedule a delivery. You need to fix a time with your customers before making arrangements for the delivery, on top of having to prepare the order.

Regardless of the products you’re selling in your home-based business, all these are to be done on top of getting the order ready.

Managing home-based business with Phoodee

Now, if you are selling food and bakes, Phoodee can handle the entire sales funnel right from order taking, payment, communication with customers, and delivery. Customers place an order and make payment, you will be notified so you can get the order ready. At the same time, Phoodee will arrange the delivery. Everything will be tracked by Phoodee and you can see everything from the app – order details and status, delivery status.

Phoodee is available for any business owners in Singapore, who wish to scale their business. If you have overwhelming orders and you need assistance with managing them, Phoodee is by your side to automate all the tedious tasks. With an experienced team behind Phoodee, you will have constant support to help you manage your shop on Phoodee.

With Phoodee’s help on the operations and logistics side of the business, you are ready to scale up your business. You focus on what you like doing – be it cooking, baking and reaching out to more customers.

Note: Phoodee champions home-based businesses and helps them scale their business. Don't worry, just Phoodee

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