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"InstaFamous" Chefs wanted

We are selecting a few InstaFamous Chefs to bring into our platform, to showcase their InstaFamous food on Phoodee. In return, Phoodee will help you settle the operations and logistics of your F&B business.

What is Phoodee?

Phoodee is a startup that champions home-based business (HBB). We aim to make order management, food delivery, communication with customers, and payment collection easier for HBB chefs.

We have approximately 2,000 users on our Phoodee and we work really hard to help our chefs succeed.

Exclusive Perks from Phoodee

  1. We usually collect 17% + 52c commission from each transaction on Phoodee.
    However, eligible InstaFamous Chefs will enjoy a lower commission of 11% + 50c


  2. Get free delivery for the orders you received on Phoodee.
    Only for your first month on Phoodee, limited to 6 free deliveries per day


  3. Get free professional food photography, up to 3 menu items.

Who is eligible for these Exclusive Perks?

  1. You have an active Instagram account, dedicated to selling your home-made food items

  2. You have at least 1,000 Instagram followers

  3. You have at least 1 active menu which customers can order anytime from you.
    Be it on a pre-order basis or on-demand basis


  4. You have received orders from your Instagram account previously


You are interested and you have what it takes?

Do let us know via and we will arrange an onboarding session with you

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