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Professional Photography

Complimentary Food Photoshoot Session

Having good pictures helps with sales

We’d love to help your home-cook food business succeed. We believe a nice photograph of your food/beverage/snack is the key to attract the customers to try your food. All your food will be professionally shot by our team to ensure it is presentable and its enticing to customers.

As a warm welcome from our Phoodee Chef Community, you are entitled to a complimentary food photoshoot session. That means, we’ll help you take photographs of the foods/beverages/snacks you are selling on Phoodee. All of them, as many foods as you want to sell!

How to Qualify

Simply join Phoodee Chef Community and you’ll get the link to book a session with our photographer in the welcome email. 

Don’t forget to get the food/beverage/snack ready shortly before the selected slot. You can then use these photos to list your menu on Phoodee and start taking orders from foodies.

Promotion Validity

Each new chef in Phoodee Chef Community is entitled to one complimentary photoshoot session. During this session, you can request to take photos of up to 3 food items (or beverages, or snacks) that you wish to sell on Phoodee!


1. I need to reschedule the photoshoot session, what should I do?

Don’t worry, we can reschedule it. Let us know via email, and we’ll discuss a new slot for you.

2. Can I have more photoshoot sessions?

While we try to reserve the photoshoot slots to help every new chef in the community to take nice photographs of the food, we are limiting the complimentary photoshoot session to only 1 per chef. Each additional photoshoot session will be chargeable with a small fee of $60 /session for up to 5 food items per session.

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