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Is ordering through Phoodee safe?

Our absolute priority is to offer the safest service possible to customers and chefs. We have taken a number of important actions, focused on extreme safety measures for chefs and customers. For example, we have introduced contactless delivery, rules for order delivery and very strict hygiene guidelines for chefs. We are also in daily contact with local health officials to make sure we are offering the most up to date guidance and safest service possible. We realise this is an extremely concerning period for everyone and want to ensure our customers are supported during and beyond this unprecedented time. 

How does contact-free delivery work?

‘Contact-free delivery’ is mandatory for all deliveries in Singapore. Chefs will follow the following process to ensure there is no contact when the food is delivered.

Chefs will be asked to let the customer know they have arrived, place the order outside their door, step a safe distance back and wait nearby for the customer to collect the food before the order can be completed. Chefs are also able to make orders contact-less if they wish by letting customers know through the app before they arrive.

How are you supporting Chefs?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we are working with Chefs to optimise their operations for delivery, and we are doing everything we can to make sure people still have access to the food they want and need.

  • Up-to-date guidance: Extensive hygiene guidance and updates are available as the latest information from the Government on how self-employed people like Chefs can access additional financial support.

  • Contact-free pick-up & delivery: We’ve mandated contact-free pick-up and delivery in Singapore which means Chefs can continue to work without coming into direct contact with customers.

  • Published detailed guidance on how Chefs can run a delivery-only business safely, covering issues such as how to minimise contact, packaging and hygiene best practice.

  • Developed bespoke online marketing support for Chefs to let customers know they are operating delivery services.

  • Introduced ‘contact-free delivery’ so that Chefs can give confidence to consumers that delivery is conducted safely.

  • Collaborated with the government to provide more support for restaurants.

What will happen if I have an outstanding query or complaint?

Our customer care team is on hand to support our customers with any outstanding queries or complaints. We are experiencing high demand but all outstanding queries and complaints will be dealt with promptly.

How can I keep in touch with you?

We have dedicated teams in place to support our customers and Chefs during this worrying time. Please send us an email to

About Phoodee

What is Phoodee?

Phoodee is on a mission to transform the way you order food. We partner with the best Chefs in the business – from local hotspots to national favourites – and bring you the food you love, right to your door.

Using Phoodee

How does it work?

You can order either on the Phoodee app, available on iOS and Android. Simply add your postcode to find all the great Chefs opening a pre-order in your area, choose your food and place your order.

Once the Chefs receive your order, they’ll get to work preparing your food and then carefully package it. On the selected collection date and time, your order will be ready for pick up or delivery to your door.

At what times can I order for?

You can order anytime, but the collection will only be available on the specified date and time. Note that some of our Chefs set a pre-order cut off time for their menu, so make sure that you pre-order early!

How Is the food delivered to me?

Once you’ve placed your pre-order, it’s sent directly to the Chef for them to prepare and package. On the selected collection date and time, you can self-collect your order or get it delivered to your door.

What is a small order fee?

A small order fee is applied to small orders.

Can I place orders in advance?

Yes, that's the whole idea here! You place a pre-order and collect your order tomorrow or on the selected collection date.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, you have the option to self collect on the app.  

Questions about my order

What if something is wrong with my order?

We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire Phoodee experience, from the moment you place an order right through to it arriving with you.

However, we do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, you can use the Help function in the Phoodee app to speak to our customer service team and report any issues.


You can also contact us at

What if my order is late?

Sometimes things outside of a Chefs control can cause a delay. Where we can, we will always try and proactively call you if we become aware that your order might not arrive within the estimated time of delivery, and our team will work to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Fees on Phoodee

How do fees work on Phoodee?

Delivery fee
The closer you are to the Chef, the lower your delivery fee. This helps us pay Chefs fairly.

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