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Commission Fee

Phoodee will charge a flat commission fee of 15% of the payable amount + $0.50 in each order you receive. The payable amount includes the delivery fee, if any, and excludes any discounts claimed by the customers.

In essence, we only collect commissions from what is paid by the customer to you. So, if you choose to provide discounts to your customers, the discounted amount will not be charged commission fee when claimed.

Commission Illustration.png

A new customer ordered your fried rice initially priced at $5, but after a 20% discount it was $4. The discount does not apply to the delivery fee, thus the customer paid a total of $7 = $4 for the fried rice + $3 delivery fee.


You will only be charged a commission for the $7 that was paid by the customer, which amounts to $1.55 (15% x $7 + $0.5).


After reducing the commission, you will collect a full amount of $5.45.

Commission Schedule

Commission Schedule.png

The amount credited to your Chef account is the amount after the commission, so the amount you see on your Chef account is all yours!


When your customer pays for the order, Phoodee will hold the payment until the order is completed. An order is complete when the customers have collected the order and given feedback on the order, OR 24-hour after the collection date of the order, whichever is earlier. Once the order is complete, we will take the commission from the amount paid by the customer, and transfer you the remaining with the amount from the cash voucher entitled to you.

Using the above example, we will credit $5.45 to your chef balance.